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Hi, I’m Jay. Things I like:

  • Writing code–mobile (iOS, Swift) and full-stack web (Python, Django, jQuery, Bootstrap)
  • Machine learning / deep learning / artificial intelligence
  • Behavioral economics (e.g. work by Dan Ariely), behavioral psychology
  • Searching for “product-market fit” #startups #entrepreneurship #high-tech
  • Geeking out over robots–anything mechanical + electrical + software + network
  • Coffee shops with a good “co-working” ambiance
  • Ice hockey
  • Riding motorcycles–but only when it’s sunny. (Crotch rockets, not choppers)
  • Shooting guns–but not cleaning them
  • Living in the San Francisco Bay Area and meeting all sorts of cool people
  • ‘Murica 🇺🇸
  • Lists

I try to make products that delight people.

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